Hiver : Honey Beer 6 Bottle Case


British Real Ale
Premium Beer


Hiver was born out of an admiration for London’s urban beekeepers and a passion for craft beer.

They use urban and rural honey to create an all-British speciality beer that’s long matured and unpasteurised. We tone down the hops and support the natural honey flavours with an organic speciality malt.

This mixed case contains 6 bottles of Hiver Honey Beer
Hiver is a dry, crisp and refreshing blonde beer that has been brewed with honey. We use honey as an ingredient, as is traditional to this beer style, rather than as an additive. This means that much of the sugar is fermented out so only the aroma and flavour remain.

Hiver is golden straw in colour and opens with an inviting honey and biscuit aroma. Through a sparing use of challenger and UK cascade hops, a hint of citrus brings depth and balance to the nose without overpowering the delicate honey esters.

We use Urban London, English Blossom and Heather honeys during fermentation and conditioning to produce a beer of medium body and low bitterness. The beer remains unpasteurised to enable these subtle flavours to shine through and the honey adds a creamy mouthfeel to create a moreish and refreshing blonde beer.

British Real Ale
Premium Beer
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