Fairtrade Carved Parasite Wood Bee Statue


Carved Parasite Wood Bee Statue
Hand carved Wooden Dragonfly ornament
Size: H: 8 cm x W: 8 cm



Product: Hand carved Wooden Dragonfly ornament

Name: Carved Parasite Wood Bee Statue

These beautiful parasite wood Bee statues have been personally hand carved for Siiren. The Bumble bee carvings are so wonderfully detailed, especially considering they have been carved using only basic hand tools, and not using conventional power tools.

The huge selection of wooden statues we showcase on our site are created for Siiren by a somewhat large team of 12 wood carvers and artists based in Bali, Indonesia. The reason we have such a large team making these statues is because they are made by using a diverse selection of materials. Be it Bamboo root, Suar wood or Parasite wood. The head artist whom is responsible for overseeing the other artists and quality control is Dekca. To read more information about Dekca and how Siiren has helped his business grown please click on the artist information tab.

These statues have been created using a tropical wood known as Parasite wood. It gets its name from a parasite that causes the wood to deform into mushroom like growths. The growths are then cut away to leave the most awesome naturally created shapes. A wood care sheet is included with every purchase and will provide important information on the best way to care for your item. If you do not receive a wood care sheet, please contact us immediately and we can provide a digital copy.

Please note: We are using a Stock photo to showcase this item. Although the item pictured is a perfect example of what you will receive, the wood grain and items carving detail may differ slightly from that pictured. Each item we sell is a unique hand made piece, crafted using naturally occurring, ethically sourced materials and not mass produced in factory’s. As such, differences from item
Carved Parasite Wood Bee Statue
Hand carved Wooden Dragonfly ornament
Size: H: 8 cm x W: 8 cm
Weight: 0.005 kg
100% Fairtrade
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